Modern Pilgrim to Santiago de Compostella part 6 – Finally the destination

The next day, Wednesday 3rd of June 2015 I was going to reach my destination, Santiago de Compostella and it famous catherdral and the statue of Saint James.

The schedule for today was, travelling from A Courna to Santiago de Compostella around midday, visiting the cathedral and in the evening by train via Ourense to Leon where I would sleep the next night.

No real early riser as the train I made a reservation for was leaving A Coruna at midday. The day started cloudy and due to the Ocean close by, rather foggy and fresh. Nevertheless I walked through the city and made here and there pictures. It goes without saying also from buses. Around eleven I travelled by bus to the station. The busstop there was in front of the busstation for long distance buses.

A Coruna my RENFE train to Santiago de Compostella

And so finally I stepped on the platform of the station Santiago de Compostella.

Santiago de Compostella

Walking up hill to the cathedral I did not stop taking pictures from amongst others the city buses.

After visiting the cathedral and touching the statue of Saint James I looked for a place to eat. There was enough time to explore the city a bit more and in time I was back at the station. Here I found an old locomotive and carriage belonging to the Association of train hobbyists of Galicia.

The train to Ourense was full. It was good that I had a reserved seat. Before boarding long distance trains, one has to pass security like on an airport.

In Ourense I had to change trains.And in between I made a peakview at outside the station.

Ourense RENFE 232-013-8

The trenhotel I had to take arrived with delay. To Montforte de Lemos the average speed was 30 km/ph. The route was very curvy. In Montforte de Lemos the train stopped around 20 minutes waiting another trenhotel. So time enough to make at least pictures on the platform.

At midnight Leon was reached.

Leon RENFE 252-013-8

The hostal was next to the railway station. Was not easy to find. I had a print from Google maps. But the whole situation was changed. The old station building was closed. This was not yet mentioned on the map. Around thirty minutes past midnight I closed my eyes. It was an exiting day. Adn in Santiago de Compostella it was warm and sunny.

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