Modern Pilgrim to Santiago de Compostella part 5 – From Ferrol to A Coruna

After arriving in Ferrol the first thing was to find a place to eat. No walking distance, Plaza de Espana, there were a few bars annex restaurants. They all offered the menu del dia. On a blackboard you can see what the menu is. I paid 4.50 euro for the menu plus drinks. The barman gave me a map of Ferrol. I had a few hours to ‘kill’ before going by train to A Coruna. Of course i took pictures of the buses I saw.

In time I walked back to the station. here both FEVE and RENFE trains are departing. The FEVE trains to Xubia and further and the RENFE trains to Betanzos and further. There was time enough to take various pictures before boarding the train.

My train to A Coruna was scheduled to depart at 17.16 hours. A two-set diesel train completely empy. But during the journey some passengers boarded at other stations.

RENFE diesel train inside.

The only long stop was at Betanzos-Infesta. Here the train had to wait for seven minutes on the arrival of the tren-hotel from A Coruna to Barcelona. Time enough to make pictures.

Betanzos_Infesta arrival of the tren-hotel from A Coruna

The tren-hotel arrived, I went back inside the train and the journey continued to A Coruna. Citybus line 5 brought me to the hotel where I would stay for the night. Due to the ‘summertime’ long day light I could do city exploring and taking pictures. The evening meal was taken at the Maria Pitti square.

Around ten ‘o clock I went to the hotel for the night.

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