Modern Pilgrim to Santiago de Compostella part 4 – a long journey

Today 2nd of may 2015 an early riser and a long journey. Between Oviedo and Ferrol there are only two trains a day. The first one is already leaving at 07.30 in the morning with arrival in Ferrol around 14.30 hours. Being a train ride of almost 7 hours. And since this train leaves early, I needed to get up early as well. In the bar of the railway station I took breakfast. Croissant, coffee and jus ‘d orange.

In time I walked up to the platform from where my train to Ferrol would leave. Of course a picture is taken of the train which would bring me to Ferrol. this train has the nickname Apolo.

FEVE 24726-2476 Oviedo

Without knowing that in Trubia the train would change direccion I choose the first seat in the first carriage. The train left in time. I was one of the few passengers on the train. And in Ferrol it turned out that i was the only one who made the Oviedo-Ferrol ride completely. The first part was under the ground. After 19 minutes the train arrived in Trubia. Here the driver walked to the other cabin and the train parted after three minutes in oposite direccion. Now I was siting in the last carriage and on the last seat. In one door the window was open. I could make pictures without the mirroring of the window. But also pictures through the window were taken. Like the next one. This is the train from San Esteban via Pravia-Trubia to Oviedo.

FEVE 3303 together with 3304) to Oviedo at Vega de Anzo

The first ‘big’ station was Pravia. here the lines Gijon-Aviles, Pravia-Ferrol and Pravia-San Esteban are coming together.

FEVE 3632+3631 Pravia

The Apolo train looks old fashioned, in the inside however it is very comfortable. The seats are good for this 7 hours journey.

The train is passing many stations before reaching Ferrol. Most of them are closed. Or only a small platform in the middle of nowhere. The next pictures are giving an impression.

As een on the last picture, in Ribadeo there was one minute to take a quick picture outside the train as we have to wait for the train from Ferrol to Oviedo. A big part of the route after Luarca, the train followed the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

Close to Marzan with the Ocean at the background

A ‘big’ station was Burela, a small town with a fishersmens’ port.

During the journey passengers were joining and leaving the train. A conductor were selling tickets as at almost all stations it is not possible to buy them. In Viveiro the train stopped for at least two minutes, waiting for the train from Ferrol. The train personnel were leaving the the train, so I understood that it would be longer than two minutes. During the time I took pictures I kept an eye on the the driver and the conductor. When they would board again I did the same.

The journey continued passing again abandoned stations.

FEVE 2476-2426 waiting at Cerdido

The next station were there was enough time to take pictures was Xubia, close to Ferrol. Waiting time was two minutes, but it took longer before the incoming train arrived. In the meantime I took pictures and other passengers enjoyed the nice weather. It was around 27 degrees.

Finally after 7 hours Ferrol was reached.

After taking a few pictures it was time to leave the station and looking for a place to have lunch. After a couple of hours I will come back to take the RENFE train, right picture, to A Coruna where I will stay for the night. But more on this part in a next blog.

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