Modern Pilgrim to Santiago de Compostella part three – a rainy day

Today 1st of Juni 2015 an early riser. During the night it rained heavily and when I left the hotel it was still light rain and rather dark. The first stop was planned in Torrelavega.

After Torrelavega the next stop was Puente San Miguel. During work days this station is the end of the ‘cercania’ Santander-Puente San Miguel. Here the trains tot Cabezon de la Sal and to Oviedo have a stop as well.

Here I waited for the train to Oviedo. Still light rain. But that did not stop me from looking around. The stationmaster(a lady) asked me for my destination. “I will ask which platform.” After a minute she came outside again. Platform 2 at the other side. So I crossed the tracks and waited on platform 2 the train to Oviedo.

FEVE 2709-2710 to Oviedo Puente San Miguel

I boarded the train for a ride of almost 4 hours to the next stop El Berron. The train was rather full. It was Monday morning and there was no holidays. At a station a group of students joined the train. It seems that they were on an excursion. The next pictures gave an impression of the stations along the route.

In El Berron I decided(was planned) to leaver the train. El Berron is a crossing of the lines Santander-Oviedo and Gijon-Laviana. East-west and north-south. Here I stayed around thirty minutes for the necessary pictures and continued with the train from Laviana to Oviedo.

Already from the train I saw the hotel where I booked a room for the night. A simple. hotel, type hostel. No eat or drink facilities. I left my backpack in the room and with a map of the city, received from the lady at the reception desk, I started to explore Oviedo.

Of course a visit was made to the famous cathedral and of the various city buses.

Before going to sleep.items for the next day were bougth in the supermarket which is on top of the station. The next day the trip to Ferrol, more than seven hours, was on the schedule. So food and drinks to buy . And at ten o’clock I closed my eyes.

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