Modern Pelgrim to Santiago de Compostella part two – a brigth sunny Sunday

Fortunatley I was awake in time to catch the 7.50 train to Sodupe. It was quiet in the street. In contary to the street were the interlocal buses departs. People who spent the night in Bilbao and now wanted to go back home were waiting for the green-white Biskaibus buses. That’s why various buses were already at their bustop.

Slowly I walked to the Concordia station. There the train of 7.50 to Balmaseda and the train of 8.10 to Santander were at the station.

The train to Balmaseda was rather full with people going back home after one night in Bilbao. The train left in time. And after two underground stations, the train followed the river Cadagua. It was still foggy, but the sun was trying to burn that away. It promised to be a splendid day.

After thirty minutes the train arrived in Sodupe where I got out. There was a train to Bilbao waiting!

Exactly on time the diesel trainset to Santander appeared around the corner.

FEVE 2718-2717 Sodupe

Also this train was quiet full. I found a seat opposite an elderly lady who did not stop reading her book.The train rushes through wood and meadow till it reached the station of Gibaja. Here we needed to wait for the train coming from Santander to Bilbao. Waiting time was around five minutes en enough to take some pictures.

The staff exchanged trains . The inspector came to ask to every passenger her or his destination and passed the information on to the driver. Now the train stopped only at stations where somebody liked to leave or liked to board. I mentioned Orejo. from there I planned to take the train to Lierganes. The weather was too beautiful not to go. Orjeo desolated and in the middle of nowhere.

FEVE 2717-2718 Orejo

Soon the electric set, three cariages, to Lierganes arrived. The train was full with passengers going for the day to Lierganes or beyond. The weather must be good, otherwise better not to go. Here you are in the heart of Cantabria with nice things to see. Amongst others the Puente Romano and the center with its old nicely decorated houses.

The railway ends here. Incoming trains are returning within five minutes back to Santander. I made a walk and sitting on a terrace coffee and something to eat. On the station the usual pictures were taken.

The train with which the trip to Santander was done, was completely empty. Ah no, one lady was sitting in the train as well.

FEVE 6803 interior

it was around midday the train arrived in Santander. Due to the Sunday, it was very quiet here.

The hotel was found easily. Backpac was dropped and jeans changed for summer trousers. as a good Pilgrim I attended a mass in one of the churches. After the mass time for lunch. On a terrace and on listing distance two dutch ladies, most likely backpackers the way they were dressed . Their backpacks were next them them on the floor. Next to me an Autralian couple of middle age. They arrived by boat from Southampton for a short visit to Bilbao and Santander. Their boat would leave the next day back to England.

After the lunch I strolled over the boulevard to the Magadelena palace. Due to the nice weather the beach was full with people. Some of them wearing really almost nothing. The palace is at the far end of a big parc. Going back went by bus.

Later in the evening it started to rain and during the night even heavy. I met the Australian couple in the restaurant of the hotel and joined them for diner.

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