Modern Pilgrim to Santiago de Compostella part 7 – again many hours by train

Today back to Bilbao. The FEVE train leaves Leon around 14.00 hours. All the points of interest were visited. And there was plenty of time to pay attention to the public transport.

Before exploring the city I looked for the FEVE station as this was not on the same place as the RENFE station. The cathedral was still closed. A visit was paid to the busstation first.

Going to Bilbao, there was the possibility to take the train to Cistierna first and to wait there the train to Bilbao. Arriving at the station, there was no train. A cleaning woman brought me to the station master. “No you have to take the replacement bus to Asuncion. The bus leaves the same time as the train. And indeed there was an ALSA-bus as train replacement. but before going to the bus i passed a supermarket as the journey to Bilbao would take more than 7 hours.

The journey to Cistierna took one and half hour. The countryside was more country than houses. I understood why FEVE runs only ones a day a direct train to Bilbao and back. It was good to take the train to Cistierna first as there was again enough to see.

Cistierna FEVE 2733-2734 to Bilbao

The journey went well till Mataporquera. Normally the trains Leon-Bilbao and Bilbao_Leon cross here. But today there was no crossing. The rather corpunlent conductor came to say that due to an deraillment of a cargo train a bus will bring us to another station. This bus would come after at least one hour. “If you like, there is bar close by.” He and the driver walked over there. Also a young couple left the station area. Not trusting the whole situation, I stayed close to the station.

Finally the bus, a small bus came. Next to the driver was the conductor of the train from Bilbao which should have come to Mataporquera.

Mataporquera C0llejo 106

This train conductor was a rather noisy person. A normal phone conversation could not be made. And during every loud conversation he cursed. A long stop was in Sotoscueva to wait for a passenger.

Sotoscueva Callejo 1056

In Mercadillo the train was waiting to bring us to Bilbao where the arrival was only half an hour later than planned.

With the arrival in Bilbao I closed the circle of the round trip. I stayed in the same hostal as at the start of the trip, the same day was attending me at the reception desk. She recognized me.

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