Autumn Sunday

Sunday 3 of March the weather did as was promised by the weather people. Rain and wind. So i took it easy. However, i am not the home staying type. I saw that the rain was not heavy. After eating and drinking something I left the house heading for the busstop of line 3 to the station. Here I transfered to line 300. The Schiphol Airport line. Arriva line 470 brought me in thirty minutes to Alphen a/d Rijn. Of cours, no much Arriva-buses. It was Sunday! but the various NS-buses were captured. Where to go now? Bus to Boskoop, as there were also no trains between Alphen a/d Rijn and Boskoop. But first the pictures taken in Alpen a/d Rijn.

After arriving in Boskoop the Flirt to Gouda was already waiting.

By this R-net train to Gouda. also here limited buses but sufficient for the pictures.The rain stopped.

Again Woerden was planned. Here at the city exit of the station a few small Syntus buses were waiting or just parked for the next day.

And at the south exit, the train replacement buses could be seen.

No more buses. Just going by Sprinter via Amsterdam to Haarlem. While waiting at the train of cours train pictures were taken.

Before going to the 1st Klas Restaurant I spent some time on taking pictures for various trains.

After a good meal back home. And it was raining again.

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