16 kilometer walk

Monday 4th of March is the last day for the time being that I can make a day-full trip. The forecast was rain and very, very strong winds. Last day is last day. First I experienced the fast line 255 from Connexxion between Haarlem and Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA. It is not so fast due to heavy traffic and roadworks in Amstelveen. After arrival in Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena immediately with Keolis line 328 till Muiden P&R.

After ten minutes I continued with Connexxion line 320. At the busstation in Huizen I left the bus to take pictures of the buses there. The bus on which I arrived was still there. And since it was still bad weather, I boarded the same line 320 and stayed on the bus till Hilversum. Here they are taking down the big building in front of the station and the buses were stopping on a different spot.

In stead of travelling by bus I took the train to Amersfoort.

Line X80 of Syntus brought me via the villages Woudenberg en Renswoude to the railway station Veenendaal=De Klomp. But in the village Woudenberg, in front of the supermarket Hoogvliet, the locomotor(SIK) 301 was there on a piece of rail as remeberance of the time Woudenberg had rail connection.

After arriving in Veenendaal=De Klomp I saw a few Syntus buses. One of Syntus Utrecht and one of Syntus Gelderland. The first one waiting for the next ride on line 50 to Utrecht and the second one was line 5 to station Ede=Wageningen. the bus I took for the onward journey.

Syntus 1885 Veenendaal=De Klomp

In June I hope to leave for my Pelgrim walking trip to Santiago de Compostella. To do so, I need to train walking long distances. The Dutch railsways have so-called NS-wandelingen of various distances. In principle the route goes from trainstation to trainstation. There is a NS-walk between station Ede=wageningen and Wageningen via Renkum. A walk of 16 kilometers.

Before starting the walk of cours pictures and something to eat in the snackbar at the busstation.

The route is well indicated.

First through the woods parallel to the railway to Arnhem. After almost two kilometers crossing the highway A12 and the railway(just in time as when I was half way the bells started to announce a train).

And then begun the most touristic part of the walk.

At the Paradise creek

At this time for the year, you walk alone. So alone that you can do your necessities wherever and whenever you like…… .

The last part was a surprise, the Wageningse berg. There I lost my walking ritm. And after 3.5 hours I arrived at the busstation of Wageningen. A good time even thinking that I stopped here and there to take pictures, to read the route description ect.

Breng 5345 Wageningen busstation

By Syntus 50 to Rhenen railway station. Here the very last picture of the travelling cyclus was made. The Sprinter to Utrecht-Amsterdam-Uitgeest. Outside rush hour this trains goes till Breukelen and returns from there back to Rhenen.

NS SGMm 2989 Rhenen

For the time being, this is the last blog with recent stories. The next blogs will be about my adventures in the past and sometimes with some real historic bus/train pictures.

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