Going North!

Saturday 2nd of march the last Kruidvat ticket with first class upgrade was used to go the the capital of Friesland, Leeuwarden. Of cours on Satruday limited buses.

By an early train, around 7.45 I left Haarlem to the first transfer station Amsterdam and during the waiting time a few pictures form trains were taken.

the train to Alemre Centrum departed in time and arrived in time. Five minutes waiting time for the DDZ train directly to Leeuwarden.

NS ICMm 4219 to Amsterdam and NS ICMm 4230 from Amsterdam Almere Centrum

The DDZ from Almere had as destination Leeuwarden. Lucky me. Upon arrival first a few pictures of the various Arriva diesel train sets. Arriva has services from Leeuwarden to Harlingen haven, Sneek-Stavoren and Groningen

Then leaving the station to left heading for the busstation. Also Arriva starts to use electric buses here. The small e-bus 0726 is used on cityline 9.

But also the Iris-citybuses, normal diesel VDL and Qliner buses are still in use.

After one and a half hour I saw most of the buses and travelled to Heerenveen where I spent also one hour for taking pictures of buses and trains.

The next train I planned to take was almost 8 minutes behind of schedule. It took away my planned stop in Steenwijk. Three resp five minutes after arrival of the train two buses would depart from the station. If I would have disembarged in Steenwijk the buses were gone and I had to wait for one hour on the next buses. So, I continued to Amersfoort with a train-transit in Zwolle. In Amersfoort pictures were taken of the buses present on the station. And due to the cold wind I did not stayed too long.

In the train to Utrecht I read on the monitor about train replacement buses between Woerden and Leiden Centraal. So, good alternative to go there. Normally there is one bus, most of the time of the firm Verhoef. So i was surprised to see that there were two buses every time. I decided to take the bus to Leiden. there were at the time I travelled to Leiden two buses from the firm Ringelberg.

Via the stations Bodegraven, Alphen a/d Rijn and Leiden lammenschans Leiden was reached after one hour. I should have stayed for half an hour in Alphen a/d Rijn as there was enough to see and to picture. But that was too late to do so. In Leiden just two buses left to Woerden. I could take pictures of both.

Rather immediately upon arrival in Leiden I travelled back home.

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