Rotsoord second visit

Saturday 30 march 2019 another visit to Rotsoord. The weather was much better than the first time I went there. Now I got a good impression for writing the article for the magazin Kampioen of the Ditch Automobile Assocciation.

In the wine and wisky shop Kwestie van Smaak(Matter of taste) I had a small conversation with the sellers there. Below a picture of the various types of wisky

Next to the watertower, there is the restaurant De Zagerij. Here one can see on of the industrial rememberance of the city of Utrecht.

For the little children there is Nieuw Rostoord. A garden with animals, and enough space to play while the parents enjoy their tea or a softdrink.

When you leave Rotsoord at the Diamantweg, turn right and go to the bridge to enjoy the view over the Vaartsche Rijn.

Left Jutfaaseweg and right Rotsoord

Walk along the Jutfaaseweg back to the railway station Vaartsche Rijn. But be careful, on the waterside there is only a cycling path.

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