Utrecht-Rotsoord first visit

I am following a course ‘writing travelreports’ organized by the Dutch Automobile Association (ANWB). In a nutshell, speakers are teaching how to write an attractive story about a trip, about a cite etc. As final piece the order is to write something about a part of the Dutch city of Utrecht. My daughter in law came with Rotsoord, being a part of Utrecht which is developing itself into a new area where you can eat, drink and relax. I decided to write about his part of Utrecht.

Leaving Utrecht Centraal station by sprinter- train in direction of Geldermalsen/Rhenen, the first stop is Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn. Go out of the station in westerly direction and you find yourself in Rotsoord.

Looking at the second picture you see from left to rigth the Jutfaaseweg, Vaartsche Rijn and left Rotsoord. At this moment the building of an hotel is started. But if you walk along this building area you will notice that there are various places where to sit eat and drink.

View from the Jutfaaseweg

The area is called after a house built in the 17th century by Adrian Oort. He called the house Rotsoord. Begining 1900 all the houses were demolished and a furniture factory Pastoe came instead. This furniture factory was famous by international companies. Expat staff were sent there to by furniture for their house abroad.

Also a big watertower was built to improve the watersupply. Now one can find a nice restaurant in this tower. Sitting there you have a nice view over the city.

The water tower

If you look for wine or wisky’s, there is a shop called ‘Kwestie van smaak’ (matter of taste). here you find a broad selection of wines and wisky’s.

walking through the streets, you come along the Pastoe factory. On the side there is a picture of the factory in the old days.

The factory in the time when no other building/house were present

There is a walking route and on every important spot is a big sign where one can ready and see how it was it the past.

I went there on a rainy grey day. But i have been told and on sunny days you can enjoy yourself there very much. In a blog about my second visit, i will write more about this area.

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