Limburg again

Today I am a man with a mission. Heerlen is in the weeknd of 23/24 February unreachable by train.

Between Sittard/Valkenburg and Heerlen there are fast buses. Between Hoensbroek/Heerlen Woonboulevard/Kerkrade/Herzogenrath stop buses.

With a Kruivat ticket and 1st ckass upgrade I reached my first stop Sittard, On the city-side of the station the regular line-buses of Arriva can be found and on the back entrance is the departure of the fast buses.

Arriva 9175 Sittard station

By Arriva train then to Hoensbroek. The train turns here back to Heerlen. The last part must be done by bus.

In Heerlen I saw more train-replacement buses and of course manyregular Arriva buses.

From Heerlen by Arrivabus to Hoensbroek busstation.

Altough it was sunny, a cold wind was blowing. And instead of staying here for one hour, I went almost immediately with line 56 to Valkenburg.

In Valkenburg there were buses and trains. And the fastbus to Heerlen.

Next stop was Meerssen. Here I hoped to see other small neighbourhood buses.

Meerssen station building

I saw via Youtube that the neighbourhoodbus 791 from Meerssen to Margraten, change in Margraten into line 793 and ends in Eijsden. So I boarded the bus in Meerssen en stayed on it till Eijsden. Eijsden the station at the Belgium border and services by the NMBS train Luik-Maastricht.

Also the upgraded ticket is valid on this train between Eijsden and Maastricht. The train stops also at Maastricht Randwyck. In Maastricht I made a few pictures of Arriva and De Lijn buses before returning home.

And first class< I travelled the 3 hours back home

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