De Uithof-Utrecht

I have never been in the university district De Uithof in Utrecht. But I know there one could see in rush hour many buses. Still…. Later this year especially busline 12 will be replaced by tramline 22. I still do not know if these trams will be running between IJsselstein-Nieuwegein-Utrecht-De Uithof or only between Utrecht Centraal Station and De Uithof. We will see. The moment line 22 will start the project name De Uithoflijn will disappear.

Before being their at rush hour I went to Rotterdam Centraal station to spot the train replacement buses running between Rotterdam Centraal and Schiedam. To get there I needed to travel on the HSL Amsterdam Centraal-Rotterdam Centraal.

NSR E 186 030 Rotterdam Centraal

Also the RET city buses were caught by the camera.

What you see there as well are buses servicing international bus lines like Flixbus, National Express etc.

At planned time I went with sprinter SLT 263 to Woerden where I changed to the Sprinter to Utrecht Leidsche Rijn. First time there and was surprised to see there a busstation where many city lines are passing by.

I took bus 48 to Nieuwegein. Also here a photo session of one hour. More bus than tram due to the position of the sun. Moreover I read somewhere that the VDL-buses will be replaced by electric buses. True or not I made lot of pictures of these VDL buses in Nieuwegein and later in De Uithof.

A ‘strange bird ‘was the Pouw Vervoer bus on Syntus-line 106 to Gouda.

Pouw Vervoer-Syntus 1814 Nieuwegein Stadscentrum

As mentioned after one hour I boarded line 71 to the last photostop De Uithof. Line 71 runs from Monday till Friday. Big part is on the ring-highway. In the Uithof there is a special bus lane. But the tramtrack are ready to use. At bus stop UMC, I disembarged and stayed there for half an hour taking pictures.

To use the 40% discount on the train I needed to be back at Utrecht Centraal before 16.00 hours. But I still had time to catch to Qbuzz from the DMG area.

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