EBS Egged Bus Systems

EBS is a part of the Israelian busgroep Egged Group.  EBS received the concession to transport passengers in the area north of Amsterdam, the so-called Waterland. The concession started on 11 December 2011.

To perform the exploitation EBS purchased the following buses:

25 Scania Omnilink, articulated numbered 1001-1025

47 Scania Higer A30 numbered 3001-3047

103 Scania Ominilink 12.7 meter numbered 4001-4103

36 Scania Omnilink 12 meter numbered 5001-5036

7 Mercedes Benz Sprint City numbered 8001-8007

3 Volkswagen Kutsenits City IL numbered 9001-9003

1 Mercedes Benz Sprinter numbered 9004

The buses 1001-1025, 3001-3047 and 4001-4103 were delivered in the red/grey livery of the R.Net.

All others are delivered in a yellow color.

The buses 3001-3047 are rented out to the touringcar company Oostenrijk and mainly used for the rush hour lines between Waterland and Amsterdam South-east and for the scholar-lines. Some of the buses are in the meantime exported to Poland.

The buses 8001-8007, 9001-9004 are used for the neighbourhood buslines.

EBS 9001 Purmerend Tramplein 20 December 2014

In 2018 the fleet was extened with 10 VDL Citea SLFA 181 Electric articulated buses numbered 1030-1039 and mainly for line 316 between Amsterdam and Edam. In Edam buses can be reloaded.

EBS 1032 Amsterdam Prins Hendrikkade 29 October 2018

EBS ‘gained’ the concession on the island Voorne-Putten, south-west of Rotterdam. As per 9 December 2019 the busservices was taken over from Connexxion.

The following buses were put in service:

10 Scania Citywide CNG14.5 meter numbered 2001-2010

43 Iveco Crossway numbered 5050-5092

8 VDL Midicity numbered 9011-9018

The buses 2001-2006 and 5050-5072 were delivered in the red/grey R.net livery. The others in white livery.

EBS 5067 Spikenisse metro centrum 09 December 2018

And last but not least, as from 25 August 32019 EBS has the concession Haaglanden for a period of 11.5 years.

Haaglanden is the region south-west of The Hague with the cities Hoek van Holland, Naaldwijk and Maassluis. Also is included the city services of Delft and Zoetermeer.

At present Connexxion is operating in this area. Connexxion ‘took’ over from Veolia.  This was including the buses from Veolia. Connexxion never changed the Veolia livery into Connexxion livery. Only the company emblems were changed.

Altough it is known that minimal 116 new buses will come, the numbering is not yet known. The blog will be updated in due time. And of course no pictures yet.

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