Today’s training

Today 2.5 hours and 14.16 kilometers through the dunes. Ascents and descents. Like this is also the learningcurve how to walk what to do and above all how to listen to my body.

I feel that I walk now long distance on the new walking shoes. I need to ‘break’ them good before I start. From today almost 6 weeks before I leave.

On 1st of June by train to Hendaye and than walking over the Saint James bridge to Irun for the first night.

Sunday the 2nd of June is goes on. The first 27.5 kilometer walk to San Sebastian. Between Irun and San Sebastian there are no albergues. This first day is one of the heavies ascents/descents of the total route. And according to the books I read till Bilbao it is quite heavy but than it is more flat(relatively) The cost will be followed till Ribadeo and than inland to Santiago de Compostela.

Resting days are planned in Bilbao, Santillana del Mar(beyond Santander) Gijon and Ribadeo. I hope to arrive on 10th of July in Santiago de Compostela. But if I need extra resting days of course it will be later. At least I do not hope that I need to give up for one reason or another. That is why he trainings are so bloody important.

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